Top Chef Boston Week 3- Working with Duck and Tea

It is week 3 on Top Chef Boston, and I have to admit, I was less than excited about their “cook with ball park food staples” challenge. Making a gourmet meal out of food found at the ballpark is something that is usually reserved for quickfire challenges, not the main elimination. As I watched the episode, I found myself not particularly drawn to any of the dishes. I was much more interested in the quickfire challenge’s use of infusing food with various types of tea. So for my challenge this week, I am going to give myself a little (a lot) of leeway. Gregory won the elimination challenge with a roast duck and a fresh herb salad (complete with peanuts- his ball park food of choice). For my personal challenge, I chose to honor both Gregory’s dish, and take on the quickfire tea challenge by smoking a duck breast with tea leaves, and creating my own herb and peanut salad. Continue reading Top Chef Boston Week 3- Working with Duck and Tea