How to Create a Rocking BBQ Menu for your Cookout

Food for Cookout

One of my favorite rooms in our new house is the sunroom that looks out over the backyard. It is full of windows and is the perfect place to entertain. Now that we are finally settled in, we decided to throw ourselves a housewarming party and invite all of our friends over for a good old fashion BBQ. Since I have been in Las Vegas, and prior to that San Francisco, for the better part of 10 years, I haven’t had the opportunity to show off my new found cooking skills to a large group of people. For my first big cookout I didn’t want to just buy some Costco patties and call it a day. But I also didn’t want to be stuck in the kitchen during my own party. So I put a lot of thought into what I wanted my menu to be, and strategizing how to put together a manageable number of dishes. As it turned out, our party was a great success- all of the guests had a good time, got fed, and Luke and I were able to socialize without having to worry too much about the food. Putting together a comprehensive menu is a task that always ends up being more difficult than anticipated, so I thought I would share my helpful rules for planning a cookout.

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New Culinary Adventures in Dayton, Ohio!

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We’ve moved! My apologies for not updating the blog over the past few months. Once we got back from Tokyo, things got crazy. Our original plan had actually been to move to Napa, California. In March, we flew out to Northern California to look at housing rentals. Have you ever tried to rent anything in California? It is like a competitive sport. Dozens of people show up to rental viewings. Have pets? Good luck. Even if an ad says they accept animals, chances are, they will pass you over for a non-pet owner. Long story short, we came home without secured housing in March, which gave us a chance to think. Continue reading New Culinary Adventures in Dayton, Ohio!

Kicking Off a New Beginning with Some Great Food- Courtesy of the Hotel Del Coronado

I’m sure at least one great philosopher has said “marriage is a new beginning; a chance for two separate lives to come together and form a stronger, happier, and more interesting path.” Never mind the fact that I searched all over the internet for quotes regarding marriage. Not one had this particularly insightful quote listed, nor could I find the name of the doubtlessly brilliant individual who first thought it up. But don’t worry, I’m sure that in the midst of a long day of pondering, Socrates, or someone of that nature surely wrote this tidbit down. It probably just got lost in a fire or something. Continue reading Kicking Off a New Beginning with Some Great Food- Courtesy of the Hotel Del Coronado