Eggnog Bread Pudding

Over the summer, Luke and I discovered Australian Master Chef on Youtube and went on a 70 something episode binge over the course of two weeks. What I learned from that show (beyond the fact that the Australian people are endlessly polite and cheerful) is that America is missing out on a whole category of food- pudding! I’m not talking about those crappy pudding cups that your mom used to put in your lunch. I mean a proper British pudding; which is actually a broad term that refers to a dish that may be sweet or savory, and is generally starch or dairy based. Australia shares a lot of British food influences, which is why Australian reality cooking shows feature so many awesome recipes, including a wide array of puddings and meat pies. In the U.S. you occasionally see bread pudding on a restaurant’s dessert menu, usually in places with a Southern influence. Continue reading Eggnog Bread Pudding