Top Chef Boston Week 5- Cheesy Grits and a Runny Egg

It’s week 5 on Top Chef Boston, and quite honestly, I’m feeling a little let down. For the episode “It’s War,” the chefs were given a budget, and most of the results were less than impressive. ¬†While Tom declared the dishes “some of the best cooking of the season,” the reality is….the Judges only really liked three of the ten dishes. And two of those dishes were on the losing team. Of the stand-out dishes, Gregory made curry broth, which somehow beat out Mei’s New York strip with kimchi vegetables. Adam presented the Judges a bowl of salt and pepper grits with cheese, a poached egg, and bacon and onion jam. Which sounds delicious, but also like something a Southern grandma might whip up for breakfast on any given day. Hugh Acheson praised Adam for his grits, which I think shows how unimpressive the cooking is, because grits don’t require a high degree of skill. Regardless, it was a dish that I found appealing and the Judges seemed to enjoy, so for this week’s personal cooking challenge, I will be making a dish inspired by Adam’s grits and runny egg.¬† Continue reading Top Chef Boston Week 5- Cheesy Grits and a Runny Egg